Our Hosts

Kim Sturla

Co-Founder and Executive Director of Animal Place


Kim Sturla has been a central figure in the animal rights movement for more than 35 years. She is cofounder and executive director of Animal Place, one of the nation’s oldest and largest farmed animal sanctuaries, which fills a much-needed niche of farmed animal rescue, sanctuary, education, and adoption. She wrote two precedent-setting state laws: one protecting pre-university students unwilling to participate in animal dissections, another requiring shelters to sterilize adoptable animals. Before co-founding Animal Place, she served as director of the Peninsula Humane Society.

Kelcie Leach

Program Director of Animal Place



KELCIE LEACH joined Animal Place’s team in 2016 after a career in veterinary medicine caring for animals as a veterinary technician assistant. She first worked as the sanctuary’s adoption coordinator, where she “vetted” prospective families and found homes for literally thousands of animals, including hens rescued from egg farms who were about to be killed.

She is now Animal Place’s program director, overseeing the sanctuary’s many education and outreach efforts, its pre-Coronavirus events and on-site bed and breakfast, volunteer and intern programs, social media plus its large-scale rescues. We’ll get to those, of course.

Kelcie has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing from California State University, Sacramento. fake rolex cellini

Kezia Jauron

FACES Co-Producer and Principal, Evolotus PR

Kezia Jauron

Kezia Jauron works with animal rights nonprofits and campaigns, vegan companies, documentary films, and books as co-founder and principal of the public relations agency Evolotus. Evolotus, founded in 2006, serves a unique niche in the movement to generate positive media coverage for animal issues and helps organizations gain visibility, increase their followings, and generate revenues. The result is far greater awareness, understanding, and support for our cause. Kezia has contributed to several books, and speaks at conferences and events, on publicity for animal issues and plant-based business. She is a volunteer administrator for Vegan Professional Network, a worldwide group of nearly 10,000 business owners.

Ron Gandiza

CEO and Co-Founder of the Plant-Based Network

Ronnie Tsunami

Ron Gandiza, aka Ronnie 'Tsunami', is the CEO and co-founder of the Plant-Based Network, a global lifestyle and entertainment TV network (on Roku TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, iOS and Androids) streaming TV shows, movies and events that promote the plant-based lifestyle but without meat, dairy or drug commercials.  

Previously, Ron developed training and education programs for over 25 years, and his learning solutions have been implemented in thousands of academic institutions and enterprise organizations around the world including Microsoft, the US Air Force, and Spectrum.