Animal Emotions

Marc Bekoff, Ph.D.

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Professor Emeritus Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder

Marc Bekoff Ph.D. is professor emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, a fellow of the Animal Behavior Society, and a former Guggenheim fellow. He has published thirty books on how animals think, behave, and what they feel, including books for children, the scientific community, and everyone in between. Aside from animal behavior, his expertise includes cognitive ethology, which is the study of animal minds; behavioral ecology, which is the environmental and evolutionary influences on animal behavior; compassionate conservation, which approaches wildlife protection with the understanding that the life of each individual matters; human-animal relationships; and of course animal protection including farmed animals. His wildly popular essays in Psychology Today have earned Marc a new generation of fans who think critically and compassionately about the ethics of using animals.