2022 Summit Schedule (Sept 16-18)

Below is the current schedule of the 2022 Farmed Animal Conference E-Summit (FACES).  Each day, September 16-18, several new videos will be made available for 24 hours.  Make sure to register to receive updates and the links to each day's sessions via email.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Plant Based Treaty

Nicola Harris

Nicola Harris (1) (1)

Director of Communications, Animal Save Movement

With over 20 years experience in pressure campaigning in the UK, Nicola is a director of communications at Animal Save Movement and Plant Based Treaty. She studied Psychology and Computing at Bournemouth University where she learned how to apply our knowledge of human memory and information processing for application in communication, copy writing and media strategies, graphic design and user interface design. She coordinates the website and blog team, as well as working on the Plant Based Treaty newsletter, email actions, and internal and external communications.

Fish Sentience

Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D.

Jonathan Balcombe - Copy

Biologist & Author

Jonathan Balcombe is a biologist with a PhD in ethology, the study of animal behavior. His books include Pleasurable Kingdom, Second Nature, The Exultant Ark, and What a Fish Knows—a New York Times best-seller now available in sixteen languages. His latest book for grown-ups, Super Fly, won the 2021 National Outdoor Book Award for natural history literature. A children’s story book, Jake and Ava: A Boy and a Fish, was published November 2021 by The Gryphon Press. Before focusing on writing books, Jonathan worked for several animal protection organizations, a medical technology firm, and as a professional editor. Jonathan has appeared in several films and television programs, including the 2021 film Seaspiracy, and the 2021 documentary on the aquarium fish trade, The Dark Hobby. He lives in southern Ontario where in his spare time he enjoys biking, baking, birding, Bach, and trying to understand the neighborhood squirrels.

Undercover Investigations

Erin Wing

At just 25 years of age, Erin Wing went undercover and spent two years working at chicken, dairy, and salmon farms, documenting the institutionalized abuse of animals in these industries. 
Animals were Erin's companions throughout her childhood, a time when she experienced household violence. It was because of this personal history and her deep connection with animals that Erin was convinced she was right for these undercover roles, but even she was not prepared for all that would follow.

Now the Deputy Director of Investigations at <a href="https://animaloutlook.org/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Animal Outlook</a>, Erin relinquished her anonymity to speak out about what she saw on several American farms, and her testimony is confronting. Foremost in Erin's stories is the constant presence of violence. "Those environments are meant to take away all the better parts of yourself, all the parts that feel compassion, that feel happiness, that feel kindness, because you can’t really feel much of anything," she says. Workers must become desensitized to survive while performing their jobs. Wing believes that members of the public who see her undercover footage will be surprised not only by the abuse shown but also by what farmed animals are actually like. 

According to Erin, the four investigations that she undertook resulted in one chicken farm being closed and the owner being banned from working with animals for one year. The other three facilities are still operating.

Wing doesn’t think she can ever go back to a life outside of animal advocacy after all that she has witnessed. Despite the horrors, Erin still has hope: "I see the future as being very bright."

Deputy Director of Investigations, Animal Outlook

Erin Wing is the Deputy Director of Investigations for Animal Outlook and a former undercover investigator. Over the course of 2 years, she went on to complete 4 investigations in the dairy, chicken and aquaculture industries, including the first-ever undercover exposé of salmon aquaculture in the U.S.

Erin's investigations have helped shed light on the suffering animals endure on farms in the animal agriculture system. Her work has been featured in The Washington Post, The Guardian and The New York Times.

PANEL: Animal Advocacy & Rock N' Roll

Tony Kanal

Tony Kanal

Bassist & Co-Writer, No Doubt and Dreamcar

Tony Kanal is the bass player and co-writer in the Grammy Award winning rock band No Doubt. Tony’s work outside of No Doubt includes production and writing for numerous artists and soundtracks. He also released an album and toured with his latest project DREAMCAR. A passionate animal rights advocate, Tony lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters who they are raising vegan.

Alissa White-Gluz

Alissa White Gluz

Lead Vocalist, Arch Enemy

Alissa White-Gluz is one of the leading names and voices in heavy metal today. She is the front figure of the Swedish death metal band Arch Enemy and plays upwards of 250 shows a year, all around the globe to millions of fans. She is also a devout animal rights activist and has never eaten meat, having been raised in a vegetarian household. She has now been vegan for over 20 years and uses her voice to encourage compassion and responsibility in her fans. Having won awards from PETA, spoken at rallies and marches in multiple countries and hosted the Official Animal Rights March in NYC, she hopes to bring veganism to a broader audience. Alissa fearlessly stands tall as an icon for women in heavy music and a steadfast defender of animals.

Toby Morse

Toby Morse

Lead Singer, H2O

Toby Morse is the founder of One Life One Chance a nonprofit organization, a nonprofit organization that speaks to elementary, middle school, and high school students about healthy life choices, self-respect, integrity, being a leader, and leading a drug-free lifestyle. Morse is best known around the world as the charismatic, energetic and always smiling front man for hardcore punk band H2O. Morse has been vegan since 1987 and is a dedicated animal advocate.



Saturday, September 17, 2022

Connecting With Today's Youth

Genesis Butler

Genesis 2 - Copy

Environmental and Animal Rights Activist

Genesis Butler is a 15-year-old environmental and animal rights activist and one of the youngest people to ever give a TEDx talk. Inspired by her great uncle, civil rights leader Cesar Chavez, Genesis’ talk "A 10 Year Old's Vision for Healing the Planet" discusses the negative impact of animal agriculture on the environment.

She went vegan at the age of 6 and has earned numerous awards and recognitions for her activism, in addition to being featured on an episode of Marvel’s Hero Project by Disney+. Genesis is currently leading the Youth Climate Save movement, the first youth-led environmental organization that focuses on animal agriculture’s impact on climate change and aims to give all young voices a platform.

The Reality of Octopus Farming

Jennifer Jacquet, Ph.D.

Jennifer Jacquet

Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Studies at New York University

Jennifer Jacquet is an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Studies and Director of XE: Experimental Humanities and Social Engagement at NYU. She is also deputy director of NYU's Center for Environmental and Animal Protection. Her research focuses on animals and the environment, Agnotology, and attribution and responsibility in the Anthropocene. She authored two books: IS SHAME NECESSARY? (Pantheon/Penguin, 2015) and THE PLAYBOOK: HOW TO DENY SCIENCE, SELL LIES, AND MAKE A KILLING IN THE CORPORATE WORLD. She is the recipient of a 2015 Alfred P. Sloan research fellowship and a 2016 Pew fellowship in marine conservation. You can learn more about her work at jenniferjacquet.com.

Growing the Movement

Monica Chen

Monica Chen

Executive Director, Factory Farming Awareness Coalition (FFAC)

Monica Chen is Executive Director of Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, which contributes to the eradication of factory farming through educational programs that prepare high school and college students to advocate for just and sustainable food systems. Under Monica’s leadership, FFAC has developed three interconnected programs to educate and empower young advocates. FFAC educators present lessons on the devastating impacts of animal agriculture in high schools and universities. Motivated students can attend the Advocacy Institute’s intensive semester-length internship program that integrates study and fieldwork. Graduates of the Institute can join the Leadership Collective, which provides ongoing training, networking, and support for their advocacy.

Advocacy through Education

Jeff Sebo, Ph.D.

Jeff Sebo Headshot - Copy

Director of the Animal Studies, New York University

Jeff Sebo is Clinical Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, Affiliated Professor of Bioethics, Medical Ethics, Philosophy, and Law, and Director of the Animal Studies M.A. Program at New York University. He is author of Saving Animals, Saving Ourselves (Oxford University Press, 2022) and co-author of Chimpanzee Rights (Routledge, 2018) and Food, Animals, and the Environment (Routledge, 2018). He is also an executive committee member at the NYU Center for Environmental and Animal Protection, an advisory board member at the Animals in Context series at NYU Press, a board member at Minding Animals International, a mentor at Sentient Media, and a senior research affiliate at the Legal Priorities Project.

Community Organizing & Activism

Christopher Soul Eubanks

Christopher Eubanks - Copy

Founder, APEX Advpocacy

Christopher “Soul” Eubanks is a social justice advocate, creative and public speaker raised in Atlanta, Ga that has dedicated himself to doing advocacy work that combats all forms of injustice. After learning the horrors of animal exploitation Christopher became vegan, began doing community organizing and has helped co-organize Atlanta’s first ever animal rights march. Christopher is the founder of APEX Advocacy, a non profit animal rights organization that uses digital content and grassroots activism to help communities of color defend themselves against animal industries and fight for collective liberation.

Strategies Every Vegan Should Know

Dr. Melanie Joy


Founder, Beyond Carnism

Dr. Melanie Joy is a Harvard-educated psychologist, celebrated speaker, and the author of six books, including the bestselling Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows and the award-winning Beyond Beliefs: A Guide to Improving Relationships and Communication for Vegans, Vegetarians, and Meat Eaters. Her work has been featured in major media outlets around the world, and she has received a number of awards, including the Ahimsa Award – previously given to the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela – for her work on global nonviolence. Joy has given talks and trainings in over 50 countries, and she is also the founding president of the nonprofit organization Beyond Carnism. You can learn more about her work at carnism.org.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Change Campaigns

Wendy Matthews


US Director, Veganuary

Wendy Matthews is the US Director of Veganuary and has overseen the nonprofit’s campaign since its launch in the US in January 2020. She has been actively involved in the vegan/animal-protection movement for over a decade, previously having worked with Farm Sanctuary as Senior Manager of Engagement and Social Impact. Wendy is passionate about creating resources that help people live in alignment with their values and supporting businesses in shifting towards plant-based to meet the rise in consumer consciousness.

Animal Sentience

Andrew Crump, Ph.D.

Andrew Crump headshot - Copy

Biologist, London School of Economics' Foundations of Animal Sentience project

Dr. Andrew Crump is a biologist fascinated by animal sentience. He studies questions like: Which animals are sentient? Why did sentience evolve? And how does sentience relate to animal welfare? As part of the London School of Economics' Foundations of Animal Sentience project, Andrew is currently searching for indicators of sentience in bees. He also co-authored a report on sentience in octopuses, crabs, and lobsters, which caused the UK government to legally protect these animals as sentient for the first time. Before that, Andrew completed a PhD on the welfare of much fluffier animals - dairy cows - at Queen’s University Belfast.

Connecting with Non-Vegans Through Educational & Empowering Films

Naomi A. Hallum

Naomi Hallum Headshot

Managing Director, Generation Vegan

Naomi is the CEO of Generation Vegan (Gen V) – the organization behind the Million Dollar Vegan campaigns that recently donated it’s millionth vegan meal globally.

Although born and raised in Liverpool, England, Naomi spent a portion of her life in Spain and now resides in California with her husband, their daughter, and their two rescue-dogs.

Naomi worked in corporate marketing and events for 15 years before transitioning to a vegan lifestyle after watching the documentary Cowspiracy, and pivoting her career towards endeavors aimed at creating a better world for all through vegan advocacy. She worked for The Dean Ornish Reversal Program, The Angiogenesis Foundation, Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE), and Veganuary, before joining Generation Vegan and helping to expand the organization’s outreach to over 20 countries. Through Gen V, Naomi hopes that she and her diverse and multicultural team can empower people from all walks of life to make a profoundly positive impact on the world through diet change.

Animal Emotions

Marc Bekoff, Ph.D.

Marc Bekoff headshot - Copy

Professor Emeritus Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder

Marc Bekoff PhD is professor emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, a fellow of the Animal Behavior Society, and a former Guggenheim fellow. He has published thirty books on how animals think, behave, and what they feel, including books for children, the scientific community, and everyone in between. Aside from animal behavior, his expertise includes cognitive ethology, which is the study of animal minds; behavioral ecology, which is the environmental and evolutionary influences on animal behavior; compassionate conservation, which approaches wildlife protection with the understanding that the life of each individual matters; human-animal relationships; and of course animal protection including farmed animals. His wildly popular essays in Psychology Today have earned Marc a new generation of fans who think critically and compassionately about the ethics of using animals.

PANEL: Veganism in Plant-Based Business

Miyoko Schinner

Miyoko headshot

CEO and Founder, Miyoko's Creamery

Miyoko Schinner is the Founder and CEO of Miyoko’s Creamery. She is recognized by the United Nations as a ‘Vegan Revolutionary’ in its 'The Future of Women' global initiative, and named one of Forbes 50 Women over 50, Miyoko Schinner, Founder & CEO of Miyoko’s Creamery, is an epicurean activist, who is leading the creation of the animal-free, plant dairy food system.

Miyoko has dedicated her life to inspiring compassion through the joy of food and the positivity of plants. She is also the co-founder of Rancho Compasión, a farmed animal sanctuary in California that provides a home to over 120 rescued farm animals.

Schinner has been featured in Bloomberg, Forbes, The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Huffpost, Food & Wine and many more.

Matthew Glover

Matthew Glover Portrait - Copy

Cofounder, Vegan Fried Chick*n (VFC)

Matthew Glover is an activist and an entrepreneur dedicated to removing animals from the food system. Having co-founded the global phenomenon Veganuary, and then the US-based NGO Million Dollar Vegan, Matthew launched Veg Capital to provide early-stage investment to companies developing vegan meat, dairy, eggs and seafood replacements.

More recently, he co-founded VFC, a vegan fried chick*n brand which marries activism with business, and seeks to spare the lives of chickens - the most abused land animals on the planet. He's also part of the Sentient Ventures team, a venture fund focused on alternative proteins.